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Indulgent. Luxurious. Affordable. In order to improve overall health, beauty and relaxation, Spasation Salon and MD Spa offers a variety of services, treatments and products for everyone. Our team of specialists will provide a luxurious experience to pamper yourself through our ancient Spa and Salon services. Scroll down to view our services.​

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We Direct Bill to Your Benefits!

Our Spa is pleased to offer direct billing to your Extended Health Benefit Provider. To offer this service, we require a valid Credit Card, or Visa Debit on file for any charges not covered by your Benefit Provider. This information will be collected at your first visit with us.

Please note that your credit card will not be charged for the outstanding balance until the insurance company has responded/paid Spasation Salon & Spa . Our Spa will contact you with the amount to be paid prior to charging your card. Massage Therapy is covered in most employee group insurance benefits. Many people do not know this, so a large portion of their hard-earned insurance benefits go unused. These benefits cannot be carried over year-to-year, so they are simply lost. Life is stressful, and our bodies carry so many stresses and so much tension within them; you deserve to use these massage benefits. They help you feel better, without relying solely on the use of medications.

We are pleased to offer direct billing for these providers: