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BioCella Anti Blemish Cream 50 ml

BioCella Anti Blemish Cream 50 ml
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Blemishes or "white heads" on the skin are a result of excessive oil production by the Sebaceous Glands. This over production of Sebum sets the stage for breakouts.

Utilizing Radix Arctium Lappa Extract, this product controls Sebum production by slowing down the overactive sebaceous glands in the skin while salicylic acid helps to slough off dead skin cells and remove epidermal plugs that can clog pores.

Regular use of this antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-blemish cream will keep impurities and inflammation under control. Your skin will look much healthier, clearer, smoother and more refined.

Recommended for blemished skin, acne and acne prone skin, for zits, pimples and breakouts.

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