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Biocella Anti Redness Mask 100 ml

Biocella Anti Redness Mask 100 ml
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With regular use, this deep cleansing masque stabilizes capillaries and dramatically reduces inflammation and redness associated with rosacea in the skin. Helps to control and heal acne and environmentally damaged skin. Improves firmness, elasticity and promotes healthy skin. Restores normal circulation to the capillaries and the skin. Recommended for couperose, broken veins, rosacea and acne.

Couperosic skin is characterized by erythema or redness around the nose or on cheeks. It is due to exessive circulation of the skin from "reactive capillaries", stimulated by irritating antigens and the environment. People with cuperosic skin have capillaries that are always on a heightened state of alert, causing reddening of the skin.

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