Ear Acupuncture

Acupuncture originated in China more than 2,000 years ago. It is used to treat pain or other health problems by regulating the flow of chi, or energy, and restoring a healthy flow of energy in the body. Ear Acupuncture is used to aid in weightloss by positioning ear seeds in the area of the ear that stimulate thirst and hunger. Ear seeds are designed to stay in the ear cartilage for a few days up to a week. Your acupuncturist will put tiny band-aids over the tacks to prevent the ear tacks from coming out prematurely.

• How does ear acupuncture work for weightloss?

In order to control the desire to eat and the level of hunger that a patient experiences, Dr. Zhang will stimulate specific functional points with ear seeds to achieve the desired effect.  Popular points that are stimulated are shen men, a functional points used for reducing stress, the small intestine point to aid in digestion, the hunger point, and the endocrine point, which aids the metabolism.

As part of your treatment Dr. Zhang will insert ear seeds that remain in the ear for several days. This ensures that the points will continually be stimulated until the next treatment.  Ear seeds are taped onto the ear and must be pressed on by the patient manually at 10-second intervals as needed for cravings.  The ear seeds need to be changed every 7 days by Dr. Zhang for 4 weeks.

• How many treatments do I need?

The ear acupuncture treatment is a series of 4 sessions – the initial treatment, and 3 follow up appointments to replace the ear seeds.

• How much does ear acupuncture cost?

$100, which includes your initial 30 minute treatment AND 3 follow up appointments

• How long does the treatment last?

The first ear acupuncture session will last 30 minutes. The follow-up sessions will last 15 minutes.

• Are acupuncture needles used?

• What kind of results can I expect from the treatment?
Clients noticed a decrease in hunger, and some have lost approximately 10 pounds per month, although the results vary with individual body types.