Stretch Mark Treatments

Stretch marks from pregnancy or weight gain/loss result from the breakdown of collagen in the skin. The reversal of stretch marks is impossible, but it is possible to provide some appearance improvement by gently resurfacing the skin and stimulating new collagen formation.

Fractional Resurfacing is to date is one of the more effective systems for accomplishing this improvement. The laser’s energy both selectively alters damaged skin areas and stimulates the cells under the stretch mark to cause the fibroblasts to begin to divide again.


Stretch Marks – Old and New, White and Red

There are two basic varieties of stretch marks: white and red. Older, mature stretch marks are commonly white or silver-colored; newer stretch marks tend to be reddish or purple in color.

Stretch marks closely resemble scars. In fact, stretch marks are the most common type of skin lesions. The majority of pregnant women get stretch marks. They also affect adolescent females and young males.

1540 Fractional Resurfacing

Palomar’s patented Fractional Laser technology provides non-ablative skin resurfacing with no to minimal downtime. The Palomar Lux1540 Fractional™ laser is one of the more recent skin resurfacing technologies. It helps smooth the skin surface and improves skin discoloration.

StarLux Fractional Laser Stretchmark Treatment

The Palomar 1540 Fractional™ laser delivers light in an array of microbeams. These microbeams penetrate below the epidermis and into the dermis, leaving vital tissue surrounding each microbeam undamaged. The untreated tissue surrounding the treated columns initiates a natural healing process that accelerates the formation of new, healthy collagen. The fractional treatment of the skin allows for faster healing. The result is improvement in skin color, texture, tone, fine lines and wrinkles.

Palomar™ 1540 fractional skin resurfacing treatments are effective only when performed in a series of sessions because each session treats only 20 to 25 percent of the skin. By treating micro-island of skin, the surrounding untreated skin drives the healing process, filling in the treated area with healthy, more youthful looking skin. The “fractional” treatment of the skin creates smoother skin without the long-term down time associated with traditional skin resurfacing technologies.

Throughout the process, the integrity of the skin is maintained, which protects the tissue from infection as it heals. At left: Cross-section diagram of treated skin. Source Palomar Medical

The Palomar Lux1540 offers a wide range of energy per microbeam, and a substantial depth of penetration (up to 1 mm). This stimulates quick healing within the surrounding deep tissue for the most effective deep corrections. In addition, the Lux1540 delivers uniform microbeam penetration which differs from other devices.

Comfort and Contact Cooling

The Palomar   Lux1540 delivers its microbeams in one short pulse at a time with active   contact cooling. This allows the treatments to be as comfortable as   technologically possible. The Palomar Lux1540 requires only topical numbing.


Why we’ve selected Palomar Laser     and Light Systems

Forever Young     uses Starlux technology for all laser and light procedures. Palomar     Medical, makers of the StarLux system, maintains intensive research and     development programs in laser technology.

Special     handpieces have been developed to treat a variety of skin problem from the     simplest unwanted freckle to the skin resurfacing power of the Lux 1540     Fractional Laser.

All Starlux     procedures have factored in patient comfort with patented smooth pulsing     and active contact cooling (as opposed to sprays or air cooler). This means     your skin stays cooler.

How does Microdermabrasion work?

It is a gentle exfoliation performed with a jet of mine minerals passing over the skin’s surface by creating a gentle vacuum. The crystals lay on the along with dead/damaged skin cells. The crystals gently exfoliate approximately 20 to 25 microns of dead skin cells of the outermost layer (stratum corneum).

Who can benefit?

Men and women of any skin type or colour. Anyone with aging, congested, flaky, dry, devitalized, thickened, blemished, dull and sun damaged skin will have it rejuvenated and refreshed. Blotchiness, uneven skin tones and texture will also be improved.

What body areas can be treated?

Most common areas of treatment are the face, neck, chest, shoulders, back, hands, kness and elbows. Area of concern which may be treated include:

• Face and body peeling
• Lined, wrinkled or sun-damaged skins
• Dull, congested, thick or blemished skins
• Active acne
• Scar revision
• Hyperpigmentation
• Stretch marks
• General dermabrasion
• Tattoo removal


How many treatments will I need?

This treatment is meant to be progressive not aggressive. Generally, results are more noticeable after the third treatment. Although, after the first session the skin will appear fresher, cleaner, smoother, and softer for all clients. Usually treatments are performed every 7 to 10 days or every two weeks for a series of 6.

How long does each treatment take?

The actual treatment usually takes 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the body area. The treatment is applied to clean skin. After, a moisturizing cream with sun block is usually applied.

Any side effects?

Since there is minimal discomfort and no healing time, one can resume normal activites immediately after a treatment. You may experience a slight tingling, and after the skin may feel tighter, as if exposed to the wind or sun. Your skin may appear slightly flushed. This generally fades in 12 to 24 hours.

Imagine softer smoother, brighter, clearer, fresher and younger looking skin in under 40 minutes.

Approximately every 28 days we create a new layer of skin. As new cells for they push their way to the surface and then the dead/damaged skin cells settle on the surface. This can cause enlarged pores, a bumoy uneven texture, and a dull appearance. As we age this process slows down leading to the appearance of older skin with less radiance.

Quick safe and effective!!

Microdermabrasion is a quick, safe and effective for exfoliation for all skin types and colours with no downtime and virtually no discomfort. It is achieved by the use of inert corundum aluminum oxide mineral micro crystals to remove dead or damaged skin cells.

Improvements you can see!

This is a relatively painless procedure which gives quick, immediate results and is performed on an outpatient basis. You will leave the clinic with a clean fresh sparkling tone due to the regeneration of the epidermis.

Stretch Marks

The skin is like a large layer of spandex covering our body. If you pull on your skin and let go, it will snap back into place, following the contours of your body. When the skin is forced to stretch at a rate that cannot be sustained by its elasticity, stretch marks can form.

Stretch marks commonly occur during the rapid growth experienced during puberty and pregnancy. The development of body contours, such as breasts, the bulking up of muscles and rapid weight gain can also cause stretch marks. The likelihood of stretch marks forming is increased when the cortisone levels in the body are elevated.

Seen under a microscope, a stretch mark will reveal only a few elastic fibers in the centre and an abundance of curled and clustered elastic fibers at the edges. The collagen fibers, which are protein building blocks of the skin, are separated rather than grouped into bundles.

Initially stretch marks appear as red and purple lines of varying lengths and widths. Sometimes they are wrinkled and shiny. Gradually they fade to the same color or shade lighter than the surrounding skin and remain that way.

Women are more prone to stretch marks than men because of their hormones. They usually appear on the breasts, the lower abdomen, and buttocks and thighs, and the under portion of the upper arms.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal Costs

Laser stretch mark removal starts at $200 per treatment. A series of treatments might be required before the appearance of stretch marks improves significantly. Patients generally pay for each laser procedure individually.

Cost of Other Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

Chemical peels range from $75 to $600 or more per treatment. Each microdermabrasion session costs anywhere from $75 to $150. Blue light therapy runs from $50 to $150 for each session.

Pricing is looking anywhere from $200-$1500 per treatment